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Hongqiang committed to the design, development, production, production, sales and maintenance of various specifications of ultrasonic transducer, luffing stem and welding head, suitable for ultrasonic plastic welding machine, ultrasonic metal welding machines, ultrasonic bond fixed machines, ultrasonic scalpel, smart CARDS welding machines, ultrasonic emulsification etc products for junior colleges, universities, research institutes, and manufacturers to provide ancillary services.


Transducer naming methods for example
HQT - 15t - 55c
Hq hongqiang t transducer
15 piezoelectric diameter (mm) t piezoelectric patches of several (2 - t, 4 - f, 6 - s)
55 frequency (KHz), c cylindrical, s stepped-weir

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Name:zhuhai xiangzhou hongqiang Mold Processing factory
Add: Zhuhai Xiangzhou District Hing Wah Road 109, second floor
Contact:Mr.lin Mobile: 13809233545 Fax:0756-8638516 E-mail :hongqiang3545@163.com

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